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Factory distributor of top quality Ginger, Spice & Herbs directly from China

Our Ginger is naturally grown in the mountain area at the border of Guangxi, Yunnan and Guizhou province. In this area we produce some of the world’s best Ginger for the true connoisseurs market. The Ginger is grown in a semi wild environment with very strong sunshine. Results of this is a characteristic much stronger aromatic flavor with a cream yellow color. Roots grow much slower than Ginger from the intensive cultivated Ginger from north east of China and India, which indeed has a much higher yield. The fresh Ginger is peeled and sliced, tray dried at medium heat for long time and when it comes our dry the highest microbiological standards are met, practical sterile. We do carefully inspections regularly in the growing area to ensure consistent quality.

The dry Ginger is transported to our factory for final selection and removal of eventual foreign matters, upon customer request we can make tea cut or coarse cut, powdering and sieve in various fractions, and pack for export to you. On InnovSpice we never have powder in our warehouse, this is all done freshly and get directly ships to the customers, powder always lose flavor with time. We only want to supply top quality products to our customers.

We also have the ability to supply Organic Ginger

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Ginged Powder



Welcome to our Ginger Growing Area!


From Our Ginger Factory

We own our own factory in Chongzhou, south China. Here we do selection and sorting, shifting, powder and grinding.

We had the ability to customize Your very welcome to give us special requirements.


Our Spices and herbs are all naturally grown without pesticide and chemicals. We can supply both commercial and Organic.

Most of the main products comes from small scale farmers and villages. Therefore to insure stable quality is one of the biggest challenges for many. We solve this is by using a single supplier year out and year in.

Our Spices And Herbs

We can supply many different kinds of Spices and Herbs. Your very welcome to contact us so we can give you our newest Product Catalog.