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We have the ability to supply around 30 different herbs directly from China. Some of our herbs is used for oil extraction or even for aromatic properties such as tea flavouring. We only choose top quality suppliers and we make sure that you get the quality you desire. We can supply everything from Jasmine Buds, Lavender to Orange Peels. To see our full product list please contact us on InnovSpice so we can give you an updated Product Catalogue. We have the ability to customize your order. In our facility in Chongzou we can sort, cut and mesh your product to your desired measurement and requirement.

Our herbs is qualified for the EU, NOP and QS markets and requirements.

flowers for tea and extraction

Flowers for Food and Beauty Industry. Our Lavender, Jasmine and Rose buds is suitable for both oil extraction and tea flavoring, some might even use them for decoration purpose. Excellent products for facial, body oils. Its also very common to use this products in perfumes to get a natural aromatic perfume.

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We do not allow any pesticides to be used on our products. 


jasmine buds






One of our top product is our Blackberry Leaves, their excellent natural  sweetener within the food industry. Can be used in drinks and food without have to add any additional sugar. It’s a 100% natural and healthy product that’s also very common in tea mixes. We also have the ability to supply bay Leaves and Lotus, both leaves and flowers.  

bay leaves

blackberry leaves

lotus leaves

lotus flower

other herbs

We can supply products for herbal tea and traditional Chinese medicine. Contact us to get a updated product catalog.

citron daylily


mongolian milkvetch root

ganderma karst

pomelo peel

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Welcome to our Growing Areas for herbs


Video From Our Factory

We own our own factory in Chongzhou, south China. Here we do selection and sorting, shifting, powder and grinding.

We had the ability to customize Your very welcome to give us special requirements.


Our Spices and herbs are all naturally grown without pesticide and chemicals. We can supply both commercial and Organic.

Most of the main products comes from small scale farmers and villages. Therefore to insure stable quality is one of the biggest challenges for many. We solve this is by using a single supplier year out and year in.

Our Spices And Herbs

We can supply many different kinds of Spices and Herbs. Your very welcome to contact us so we can give you our newest Product Catalog.