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Factory distributor of top quality Star Anise, Spice & Herbs directly from China
We are located in the main growing area for 85% of the worlds supply of Star Anise and we send this to customers all over the world. We can supply everything from beautiful whole stars, 8 pedals to Star Anise powder. Our Star Anise is grown naturally in the mountains of Guangxi province and we do not allow any pesticides on our trees and they are grown semiwild. Because of this we even have the ability to supply Organic Star Anise. After harvesting the star anise seeds we will dry them naturally in the sun, and do not use Sulfur for drying.  Our quality is perfect for the Japanese, Europe and American market, please contact us for further information. 

During 2020 – 2021 the prices for Star Anise has increased dramatically both because of local use in hotpot and cooking that has increased in popularity in China, as well as more interest in this spice for health and medicine usages. 


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We own our own factory in Chongzhou, south China. Here we do selection and sorting, shifting, powder and grinding.

We had the ability to customize Your very welcome to give us special requirements.


Our Spices and herbs are all naturally grown without pesticide and chemicals. We can supply both commercial and Organic.

Most of the main products comes from small scale farmers and villages. Therefore to insure stable quality is one of the biggest challenges for many. We solve this is by using a single supplier year out and year in.

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We can supply many different kinds of Spices and Herbs. Your very welcome to contact us so we can give you our newest Product Catalog.