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We’re manufacturer and export Spice & Herbs from our factory in south China, Guangxi province. Innov Spice is a proud Family company with both Swedish and Chinese staff. We have exported Chinese spices and herbs for over 20 years to all over the world. The spice distributor of choice for our loyal customers in Japan, Australia, Europe , Canada, and USA

Our company is certificated with ISO 9001:2015 and HACCP. We also have the ability to supply Organic Cinnamon, Ginger & Star Anise. We have strict supervision to assure the quality of our spices and herbs. All our products will always meet the demand of both nations and the international market.

We have the possibility to Customize your order. If you need specific cuts, sifted, powder, or handpicked. This can be arranged in our own facility in Chongzhou or at the local growing area. If you’d like more information and our Product Catalog don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our Spices

We can supply top quality spices ready for for export to Japan, Europe and USA. To see further specifications go to the top banner. We have stable suppliers locally that provide us the best crops year after year. We don’t change our suppliers, we believe in stable and long relationship is the key to meet our customers standards.

Our Herbs

Localy grown Blackberry leaves, Jasmine and a whole range of diffrent flowers for tea and extractions. Grown and picked on the Guangxi mountains

“25+ years relationship with the same suppliers”

We have worked with the same suppliers for decades to ensure the best quality and stable supply of spices and herbs.
Guangxi Innov is a family company with roots in both Sweden and China

Star Anise

We are located in the worlds largest Star Anise growing area. 85% of all star anise is grown locally here from Guangxi province, south China. Star Anise is also one of our main products that we ship all over the world. For more  information click on StarAnise Categorin

Cinnamon & Cassia

We only supply top quality Cinnamon. If your looking for specific cuts, handpicked cigars or specific size requirement don’t hesitate contact us. We also have the ability to grind cinnamon to powder on request. We on InnovSpice do not put our powder on shells, we grind it fresh and ship directly to our customers. 

Some of our Spices and Herbs

We supply more than 50 diffrent types of Sprices and Herbs, 
just contact us with what you need and we will see what we can do for you

Innov Spice