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Factory distributor of top quality Blackberry Leaves, Spice & Herbs directly from China

Our Blackberry Leaves is grown without any herbicides or Pesticides in semi wild condition at 1100-2000 meters altitude.The blackberry grows ideally on these higher mountains sides to ensure fresh air and in order to get the most sunshine on the leaves. More sunshine equals sweeter and better flavor.

The very demanding weeding is done totally manually. This have to be done every 2 week on the entire mountain side and it is indeed a very tedious task. Leaves are handpicked to baskets hanging on the shoulder back, all is manual work. We do not allow any chemicals to be sprayed near the plantation area. Leaves are naturally dried and later transported to our facility. We have worked with the same supplier for more then 20 years and the selected blackberry leaves s exported to EU, Japan and USA. We meet the highest standard and Control & quality is Guaranteed

We can supply different kinds of cuts on our Blackberry Leaves such as TB & Coarse cut. Or according to your request.

We believe in long time relationships.


TB CUT - Coarse Cut

Welcome to our Blackberry Leaves Growing Area!


Blackberry Factory

We own our own factory in Chongzhou, south China. Here we do selection and sorting, shifting, powder and grinding.

We had the ability to customize Your very welcome to give us special requirements.


Our Spices and herbs are all naturally grown without pesticide and chemicals. We can supply both commercial and Organic.

Most of the main products comes from small scale farmers and villages. Therefore to insure stable quality is one of the biggest challenges for many. We solve this is by using a single supplier year out and year in.

Our Spices And Herbs

We can supply many different kinds of Spices and Herbs. Your very welcome to contact us so we can give you our newest Product Catalog.