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Distributor & supplier of top quality Cinnamon/Cassia, Spice & Herbs directly from our factory in China

Guangxi Innov have supplied cinnamon to all over the world for over 20 years directly from the growing areas here in south of China.

Our Cassia is qualified for the EU, NOP and QS requirements and if you have any special requests  about cut , size or mesh this we can arrange according to your wishes in our own facility in Chongzhou, guangxi province. We often supply cinnamon to very demanding markets such as Japan and Germany and have many loyal customers from all over the world.  Long cooperation with growers as well as knowledge ,plus that our Cinnamon Cassia is grown in a semi wild environment in remote mountain areas free from pesticides help us assure a stable quality for you.

Harvest season begins in the Spring around March where the cinnamon treas are cut down and the bark is separated from the trunks, after harvesting the bark then its time for the drying process. We let our bark dry naturally in the sun for around 5 days to get the best and natural product. During this time the bark will change color from very light yellow to a gorgeous shade of brown/red. Thereafter the bark will be cleaned with water and dried once again and get sorted out to different specifications and get cut into the final product and size and packed according to your specifications. We also have the ability to make cassia powder, this is all grinded at the moment of order to make sure the powder is not stored for a long time and the risk of losing flavor.

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Welcome to our Cinnamon Growing Area!


Video From Our Factory

We own our own factory in Chongzhou / south China. Here we do quality check, sorting, shifting, powder and grinding.

The factory makes it possible to assist you better. You are very welcome to give us any  special requirements or requests.


Our Spices and herbs are all naturally grown without pesticide and chemicals. We can supply both commercial and Organic Cinnamon.

Most of the products come from small scale farmers and villages. Therefore insuring stable quality year after year is one of the biggest challenges for many suppliers. We solve this is by using a single supplier year out and year in as well as a second quality check in our factory.

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We can supply many different kinds of Spices and Herbs. Your very welcome to contact us so we can give you our newest Product Catalog.